Nomad V0.2A

The terrain in the Nomad game world is generated as a series of tiles along the xz−plane. Each tile is created by arranging  vertices into a grid across this plane. For each vertex (), the height is calculated using a height function,  where . The height function is calculated utilising a combination of 2-dimensional simplex noise, (Perlin, 2002) and a … Read More

Evolved Game World Topologies

Cartesian genetic programming (CGP), introduced in (Miller and Thomson, 2000), is a form of GP in which programs are represented as an indexed graph and encoded via a linear array of integers (Miller and Thomson, 2000). CGP has been applied to the evolution of artificial neural networks (ANNs) (Khan et al., 2010), image filters (Harding, 2008), visual object detection in … Read More