Planet Eisenstein

Prototype for an audio visual experimental game charting the life of Sergei Eisenstein. Built using Unity3D, post-processing in Adobe AfterEffects.

In The Woods

I have a long-standing collaboration with In The Woods, an annual festival of music and art recognised as one of the UK’s leading platforms for emerging talent. ITW recently received an Arts Council grant to develop an updated version of their existing app, as well as a new website showcasing exclusive live performances from emerging and established artists. This is … Read More

Blake’s London

Tate commissioned myself and Daniel Carey to create their latest iOS app, William Blake’s London. The app gives users an overview of Blake’s life, his works, and his influence over contemporary art and music. Content is organised into curated collections which users unlock when they arrive at locations significant to Blake’s life and works. Each collection contains high resolution images … Read More

T Space Pandemic

T-Space Pandemic was an experimental location-based app. When a pair of users encountered one another, this physical meeting was represented by a link on each other’s screen. As they continued to interact with other users, these developed into complex webs, creating a real-time network of abstract associations between groups of users. The app was initially developed in collaboration with Daniel … Read More