Hi There!

I’m┬áDavy Smith

I’m a researcher, creative coder and designer. I’m currently in the final push of my PhD in Artificial Intelligence. My research has involved the design of intrinsically motivated neuro-evolutionary algorithms. I am interested in computational curiosity – how software agents can be motivated intrinsically rather than for objective functionality. I aim to apply such algorithms to the development of intelligent and diverse, intrinsically motivated non-player characters in open world video games.

I mostly code in C++, JAVA, Objective-C and Python, but have also been known to use JavaScript, C# and Lua when necessary.

In my work as a coder I have acted as lead developer on iOS applications for Tate Britain and In The Woods festival. Alongside Daniel Carey I developed Aleph Project, a mobile curatorial platform for location based sharing of artworks.

As a hobbyist I like to explore procedural content generation in video games. I use a number of game development tools including Unity 3D.

I have also designed full UI/UX stacks for mobile and desktop applications for a range of leading clients and startups.